The majority of live collaborations focus on improvised remixing, or live "dubbing", of the performers being worked with. This is when the other performers live material (vocals, instruments, or other audio) are feed into a wide variety of special fx and manipulated in a spontaneous fashion (with over 100 play-able parameters), via the livePA set-up. In some cases this treatment is the central, or even singular, element of the performance. Delays fed into other delays, filtered, re-pitched and sent to reverbs, distorted and then sent back to the initial delay, ..and so on.

Notable collaborations using this approach include: Tanya Tagaq, Shanbehzadeh, Loscil, Mei Han, Randy Raine-Reusch, Rachel Iwaasa, Kenton Loewen, Giorgio Magnanensi, Lee Hutzulak, Scant.Intone, Mahmood Schricker, Scorcerers.


Though they don't work regularly anymore, Tanya has been Michael's longest running collaboration. Friends since the 90's in Halifax, they started musical work together around the year 2000 with the track 'Breather', which ended up on Tanya's first album 'Sinaa'. Since then they have performed around the world and canada together, alongside other collaborators like Jesse Zubot, Kenton Loewen, Cris Derksen and Kinnie Starr. Performances are largely improvised, with live manipulated vocal fx, over a wide range of moods and emotions. Michael also contributed sounds to Tanya's Juno and Polaris Prize winning album 'Animism', and has a credit on her latest "Retribution' album.



Chambers is a collaboration between Gabriel Saloman and Michael Red, who loosely describe the project as “experimental dub,” initially inspired by rhythm & sound. "Their tracks are gently driven by heaving rhythms and thundering basslines, sounds which subsist in a gaseous atmosphere somewhere in the hinterlands between ambient and straightforward dub music." - andrew ryce (resident advisor / pitchfork)

Since their debut performance opening for Shackleton in 2012 they have performed on bills including Kuedo, The Bug, Kangding Ray and Kode9. Live their sound creates a space of mood, resonance and energy, expansiveness and raw expression. Two vinyl releases on Debacle Records and a cassette for Beacon Sound have been released, with a remix double-cassette out in due time.



More of an outsider than a real part of any rap scene (but still informing his overall musical genetic make-up), Michael has made beats and recorded raps with various mc's, mostly in Halifax in the mid to late 90's. Evidence of this is strewn across several underground releases, working with the likes of Sixtoo, Kunga219, Tachichi, Knowself, Governor Bolts, Mcenroe, Donse, and Josh Martinez. Michael's also contributed beats, engineering and mixing to several rap & spoken word cd's for the youth-empowerment-through-the-arts group 'Power of Hope'.