one of michael's long standing passions has been to bring new and innovative electronic-based music acts and DJ's to vancouver audience's, help put a spotlight on under-recognized and deserving local artists, and make efforts to raise the bar and better the local scene in the many areas of event production (quality sound, quality environment, acknowledging and treating artists properly, cross-pollinating micro-scenes, provided worthwhile life experiences beyond a simple "party"). here are some highlights:

LIGHTA!  SOUND  Together with a rotating cast of other event producers within the crew - namely Max Ulis, Self Evident, and Tank Gyal - the Lighta! name is largely excepted as being one of the primiere bass music event creators in Vancouver for the larger part of a decade. Magazine's like 'The Wire' have even recognized them as such.

DUBFORMS  An incredibly successful event series co-produced with New Forms Festival to the theme of "modern soundsystem culture". 13 events total, which took place within 2006 and 2009 at Open Studios. Hosting the first Vancouver appearances from Martyn, 2562, Appleblim, Warrior Queen, Youngsta, Chefal, Filastine, Headhunter, Benga, Hatcha, DJG, Loefah, and many more.

LOW INDIGO An ongoing event series which began in 2009, playing host to acts like Africa Hitech, Dibia$e, Jonwanye, Addison Groove, Silkie, Synkro, Shackleton, Debruit, Monolithium, Mono/poly, Samiyam, Ryat and Prison Garde.

NEW FORMS FESTIVAL  One of the festival's primary curators 2004 - 2016, overseeing the first Vancouver appearances from Untold, Lee Bannon, Mark van Hoen, Deft, Swisha, Strategy, Wen, DJ Earl, Visionist, ScratchaDVA, Sinjin Hawke, Canblaster, Kuedo, Teebs, Shlomo, Mike Slott, Take, A Tribe Called Red, Illumsphere, Slugabed, Blue Daisy, Eskmo, Kush Arora, N-Type, adding to existing lists from the Dubforms series and helping break much local talent as well.

CATS ONLY CLUB  Underground locals-focused event series, focusing on helping cultivate fringe electronic music community and expression (2013 - ongoing).

ALL SYSTEMS SPECIAL An event series focused on bass music, totalling 7 events in 2008, happening at various locations in Vancouver. Hosting the first Vancouver appearances of Distance, Joe Nice, Rusko, Superisk, Matty G, and Megasoid.

[ OPEN / INPUTS ]  A highly successful monthly series happening at Soma Cafe, which ran from January 2006 - January 2007. Similar to an "open mic" night, but for live electronic-based music and video/film.

ENVIRONMENTS  An acclaimed seasonal live "ambient" audio/visual/mixed-media event, occurring at various locations, May 2003 - March 2006.

FIRE LIGHT LULLABIES  A weekly ambient/downtempo event series @ Jewel Of India, January 2005 - June 2005.

SOUNSIMPLE.CA  A website and web forum designed to serve and document the Vancouver electronic music community. (2002 - 2005)