Beginning with playing records in the mid 90's, over two decades of dj'ing has allowed for specializing in many different genres and feels. Starting off with mostly Jungle, Trip Hop and various other electronic music, an obsession with Ragga Jungle lead to a love of Dancehall, then Reggae, Dub and onto pretty much all types of Jamaican music (and UK crossover). Around the turn of the century, interest in then-current forms of Drum'n'Bass started to fade (although Old School and Ragga Jungle will forever remain) and Downtempo, Dub, and Dancehall moved to the forefront. Ambient and Soundscape realms had filled out by then too. Dubstep became a major focus starting in 2005, onwards to the many developing strains of what most have agreed to call "Bass Music". In a more low slung fashion, when the mood calls - an increasing amount of Modern RnB, Grime and Rap. In recent years, some Modern Classical (New Music) and related DJ sets for the annual Vancouver Symphony Orchsetra New Music Festival too.

"morning" or "sunrise" sets at festivals..

bass music and global sounds..

 low indigo / downtempo flavours..

ambient / soundscape..