Souns is an ambient music project from Vancouver and Sunshine Coast (BC) based artist Michael Red. Under Souns, Michael has released numerous works (Isla, Panospria, New Kanada, Deep Sea Mining Syndicate, Subtempo, Kikapu, Sensing Waves), had some notable solo performances (Ambient Ping, Vancouver Art Gallery, VNM Festival, PGNB Festival headliner, Signal & Noise Festival finale), and has live collaborated with a varied list of performers (including Loscil, Tanya Tagaq, Gabriel Saloman, Rachel Iwaasa, Mei Han). Common themes are sounds and resonances of the natural world, the unseen world, outer space, and transcendence. Performances are largely intuitive and improvised, sometimes guided.

links to releases can be found on the following soundcloud or in the releases section. newly minted facebook page here.