low indigo is a locals-focused vancouver-based event series, online community, and music label overseen by michael red. local talent is a focus. collective evolution and cats are too.

low indigo is music for heads, the chill out room, the smallest room at the rave, the sunrise after being up all night, rainy afternoons, dark nights, connected conversations and other goings on.

low indigo's sound could qualify as: mostly electronic, diverse, left-field leaning, forward thinking, emotive, authentic, expressive, soul music.

the blog and first event happened in 2009. first music release on the label was 2013.

..only when it feels right

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012 synkro & michael red - smoke mountain

011 slope - obsidian

010 michael red - 9 of cats

009 okpk - hollow

008 jolin ras - rebirth cycle

007 crimson - timelight

006  kline - ghost 

005  rmx.ep.1

004  kline - mirror 

003  okpk - 2010

002  michael red - lowi 2 

001  michael red - lowi 1