xxxxx project (xxxxxx xxxxxx) 6 song vinyl EP (+2 bonus tracks for digital)
souns ‘gateways’ (hotham sound) album (cassette, digital)
healing sound project w/ yasmeen olya, working title ‘nature’
chambers remixs double cassette, featuring various artists (debacle records)
souns 'oooo' ep (panospria)
souns album (deep sea mining syndicate)

la fe (michael red & NAP) ‘con qué EP’ (isla) ep (vinyl, digital)
boilerroom @ bass coast music festival (video)
souns ‘sun inside the sun’ remix EP feat. loscil, synkro, phaeleh (subtempo) comp (cd, digital)
michael red ‘labrador (parts 1 & 2)’, appearing on ‘semi-tone’ (subtempo) comp (digital)
kasm ‘stargate (michael red remix)’ (balanced records) ep (cd, digital)
michael red ‘cats’, appearing on ‘grease coast vol 1’ (home bass) comp (digital)

michael red featuring scratcha DVA ‘secure the uber (extended dub mix)’ (bass coast music) comp (digital)
souns '(re)' (isla)    album (cassette, digital)
michael red 'no seh' (red gate) comp (cassette, digital)
brutes ‘inside (michael red remix)’ (bandcamp)    remix ep (digital)
mahmood schricker ‘shanaz (michael red remix)’ (bandcamp) ep (digital)
michael red ‘transcendent arc’, for sammy chien ‘w(e)aves’ project (live)
michael red ‘4 birds’, for little chamber music society 4 songs (live)
michael red 'chir' on architextures winter chill v2 (bandcamp)   comp (digital)

michael red ‘change’ & ‘eligant replica (michael red rmx), split ep w taal mala (babel)   ep (vinyl, booklet, video, digital)
souns 'aquamarine' (subtempo)   album (cd, digital)
alejandro bento 'sweet rain (souns remix)’ (subtempo)   comp (cd, digital)
souns 'eve' (new kanada)   ep (digital)
souns 'quiet love', appearing on ‘ambient parks 3’ (new kanada)   comp (digital)
synkro x michael red 'smoke mountain' (low indigo)   ep (digital)
souns 'untouched' & 'sun inside the sun', appearing on ‘subtempo 1.0’ (subtempo)   comp (digital)
michael red ‘brighter colours ep’ (really good recordings)   ep (digital)
original score for 'crows nest', a dance performance from olivia davies (live)
blind prophet ‘dub love (michael red re-dub)’ (bandcamp)   (digital)

chambers ‘sigma flare ll’ (debacle)   ep (vinyl, digital)
chambers ‘satellites’ (beacon sound)   album (cassette, digital)
michael red ‘9 of cats’ (low indigo)   ep (digital)
michael red ‘hydrology’ (aufect)   ep (digital)
’a time and place, revisted feat tanya tagaq’    public audio installation, downtown calgary
original score for ‘a1pha‘, a short film by eron carruth
michael red ‘silent dub 22’, appearing on ‘mm999 - mysteries ep’ (modern math)   comp (digital)
michael red ‘408’, appearing on ‘unlog complex #07’ (unlog)   comp (digital)
michael red w/ sinerise ‘upright earth / xs’ (dipped recordings)   single (digital)
production on bonus track featuring radik tyulyush for tanya tagaq 'retribution' album (digital)
michael red ‘in between time’ (years end)   album (digital)

chambers ‘sigma flare l’ (debacle)   ep (vinyl, digital) 
souns ‘ambient a’ (deep sea mining syndicate)   album (cassette, digital) 
souns ‘shem’, appearing on ‘ambient parks 2’ (new kanada)   comp (digital)
michael red ‘moving’, appearing on ‘chapel sound vol 1’ (chapel sound)   comp (digital)
michael red ‘farusha lake’, appearing on ‘continuums vol 1’ (modern math)   comp (digital)
daega sound & michael red ‘diverdown’, appearing on ‘sub | div | selects vol. 1’ (sub div)   comp (digital)
michael red ‘ops dub / zenith’ (south fork sound)   ep (digital)
souns ‘coastal’ (panospria)   album (digital)
self evident ‘hiss (michael red vip)’, appearing on ‘dipped 007’ (dipped)   ep (digital) 
michael red ‘songs to die to / soundtracks for evolution’ (years end)   album (digital)

production on juno and polaris prize winning tanya tagaq ‘animism’ (six shooter)   album (vinyl, cd, digital)
sabota ‘teacher (michael red dub)’ appearing on ‘hybridity 2 year’ (hybridity)   comp (vinyl, digital) 
souns ‘smoke / tree falls’ (panospria)   album (digital)
michael red ‘harpoon’ (king deluxe)   single (digital) 
souns ‘11 11 rmx (feat lee hutzulak)’ (sensing waves)   single (digital)  
music forkisik acimowina’, with jason baerg, carrie gates ('the wrong' digital art biennale)   video (digital) 

michael red ‘mm002’ (modern math)   ep (digital) 
michael red ‘lowi 1’ (low indigo)   ep (digital) 
michael red ‘lowi 2’ (low indigo)   ep (digital) 
souns + scant.intone ‘attempts time space’ (panospria)   album (digital) 

michael red feat shamik ‘mirrors to the sky’, appearing on ‘westward rising vol 2’ (shamik music)   ep (cd, digital) 

michael red ‘st lucy’, appearing on ‘mutek 2011’ (mutek_rec)   comp (digital) 
michael red ‘red light’, appearing on ‘003’ (crude recordings)   ep (digital) 

souns ‘six’ (panospria)   album (digital)
st helens ‘ground effects (michael red remix)’, appearing on ‘remixes’ (rivers of recordings)   comp (digital)
vincent parker ‘whiplash (michael red remix)’, appearing on ‘remyst’ (run riot)   comp (digital)
tanya tagaq, michael red, cris derksen ‘untitled’, appearing on ‘songs above the treeline’ (banff centre for arts)   comp (cd)

souns - circuits channel errors (panospria)   album (digital) 
michael red ‘top score’, appearing on ‘manoeuvres 3’ (so called recordings)   comp (cd, digital)

tanya tagaq & michael red ‘open boreal’, appearing on ‘listen up’ (caribou)   comp (cd)

souns ‘scenarios for the real self’ (kikapu)   album (cd, digital) 
souns ‘orions lights’, appearing on the souns curated ‘coloured lights’ (kikapu)   comp (digital) 
michael red ‘flow’, appearing oncommunity immunity’ (purple thistle)   compilation (cd)

souns ‘lights’ (kikapu)   album (digital) 
souns ‘senseless in space’, appearing on ‘wein, weib und gesang’ (kikapu)   comp (digital) 
michael red - subtle breeze appearing on new recruits (camobear)   comp (cd, digital) 
tanya tagaq & michael red ‘breather’, appearing on tanya tagaq ‘sinaa’ (jericho beach)   album (cd) 

michael red ‘solve dissolving’ (independent)   album (cd)
donse & michael red ‘likeminds’, feat governor bolts, mcenroe (independent)  album (cd)

beats, production for ‘in the cluuub (feat tachichi)’, appearing on josh martinez ‘made in china’ (camobear)   album (cd, digital) 
w/ the band chrome: score for ‘lsd 25’ (human scale productions)   short film (vhs, digital) 
michael red ‘1 ..8’, appearing on ‘phatmospherics’ (gsc)   comp (cd)

of mind and machine ‘beginnings and ends’ (breaking tension)   album (cd)
of mind and machine ‘the missing link’ (breaking tension)   album (cd)
reality remixed ‘speaking spirits’ (breaking tension)   album (cd)
reality remixed ‘predator’ (breaking tension)   album (cd)
beats, production and not rapping for ‘the christmas cracker’ (crackbeat)   album (cassette) 

of mind and machine ‘breaking tension’, feat sixtoo, josh martinez, kunga219 (breaking tension)   album (cassette)  
beats, production on ‘travelling’, appearing on ‘josh martinez and the hooded fang’ (camobear)   album (cd, digital)
beats, production and not rapping for ‘the crackbeat society’ (crackbeat)   album (cassette) 
music for ‘clear and present’ (human scale productions)   music video (vhs, digital)

of mind and machine ‘nocturnal’, feat kunga219 (breaking tension)   album (cassette)