For livePA, it's on-the-spot mixing and dubbing of up to nine tracks of bits and pieces from various original works, with several handfuls of fx and other live elements (a mic, 2 analog dub sirens, volca sample, possible other elements), using a laptop running ableton and 5 midi controllers (launchcontrolXL, microKEY, and multiple uc-33e's).

A wide variety of set up's have been used, over the years. Early souns interfaces included prepared cd's on axis8's, various loopers, modified phrase samplers and guitar pedals together with mic'd objects like bells, chimes, glock, shells, found objects, and sometimes voice or trumpet. Other set up's would include samplers (s950, s01), a cheap yamaha fx unit, mc-303, a multitrack minidisc recorder used as a mixing board, and even an atariST a few times.

michael red - livePA set up (newest)2.jpg