souns, mred livePA, and cats only club this weekend..

because i'm spending a lot of the time in the studio these days on the sunshine coast, focusing on releases and various other projects - i'm doing less shows in vancouver and abroad. this coming weekend i organized/accepted a string of three, so i can get a bunch done at once and then back to the bat cave...

first up, looking forward to big joy festival this weekend. i'll be doing a live souns performance on their thursday night. the fest runs from wednesday til saturday. if you're into intimate sit down ambient/experiemental/weird local live biz - this is your jam. i'm going to unearth my collection of small bells and other tiny sound objects (been years) and bring back some visuals i made a while back too (local natural world stuff).

the next night i'll be doing a dancefloor focused livePA thing at the red gate for inventor live. should be fun. the night is a variety show of sorts, a handful of vancouver livePA acts all working in their own distinct genres. everyone on the bill is great and look forward to jamming out with everyone.

aaaaand saturday night is a big one. cats only club at the rattle. kick off for the next low indigo release and a gathering of a bunch of amazing artists from different scenes all mixing and mingling and vibing out with each other. been looking forward to it for a while. follow the links. all the details are there.