low indigo news..

momemtums and navigations have started to level out a bit for low indigo as a label now. started with the bandcamp, then moved up to some proper distro which promptly folded just a few months in, then the following re-calibration, new distro, now smoothing out and approaching glide mode there. quite soon, if not already, all low indigo releases should be available on all the major retailers like itunes, juno, beatport, etc. ..and remain on bandcamp as well.

future release schedules, mists taking shape:

in less then a month we'll have okpk's latest 'hollow' ep out, paired with video curtosy of laine butler. cats only club / ep release party for that'll be friday feb 12 at a familiar location (stay tuned).

in march will be a 4 song EP from me, '9 of cats'. long time vancouver experimental music community shaper giorgio magnanensi has created four outstanding videos for that. one is in 3D even.

and in spring, slope is putting the final touches on his debut EP for the label, with long time collabortaor corinthian on deck for the video.

preperations are being made for a compilation slotted for late spring. some familiar names to label already, and some new ones. stay tuned!

..and lastly, as a nice cherry-on-top to the new year and fresh energies that come with - just caught wind of the lovely label spotlight piece FREQ printed in september. some months later, but the timing is actually perfect. thanks FREQ!

souns - coastal

new souns thing on panospria out this week. i wrote a bunch of words about it on the release page. those should do well to explain the thing.

might be better to DL it direct from archive.org cuz the panospria page might be a little messed up.

hope some folks dig it. was a crazy time for me. you know.. un-escapable unknown bass freq's all the time is an ideal setting to stay sane in.

small bit of support from unfamiliar (thanks, folks) and a touching message from a friend (feels good to be understood): "Listened to Coastal today with my partner. She said she felt "exposed" (in a good way) and like she'd had a brain massage. I felt like I'd been "re-landed" firmly on the west coast (in a good way). I also felt like I'd been cleaned out (in a good way)! Really great stuff."