modern math + sub div compilations


still playing catch-up from the summer. aiming to always to put up all the important stuff up here. releases and big shows and projects and that.

two releases i haven't plugged that have happened since the site launch, from two camps that i consider family..

DIVERDOWN, a collab track between me and daega sound, for SUB DIV out of victoria.


FARUSHA LAKE for MODERN MATH's continuum's vol 1 comp

both are older tunes but still stand up i think, and i'm happy to have out there in an official capacity. big up all involved. love

souns - coastal

new souns thing on panospria out this week. i wrote a bunch of words about it on the release page. those should do well to explain the thing.

might be better to DL it direct from cuz the panospria page might be a little messed up.

hope some folks dig it. was a crazy time for me. you know.. un-escapable unknown bass freq's all the time is an ideal setting to stay sane in.

small bit of support from unfamiliar (thanks, folks) and a touching message from a friend (feels good to be understood): "Listened to Coastal today with my partner. She said she felt "exposed" (in a good way) and like she'd had a brain massage. I felt like I'd been "re-landed" firmly on the west coast (in a good way). I also felt like I'd been cleaned out (in a good way)! Really great stuff."

chapel sound compilation vol 1

gonna ease in and do just one drop for now, even though there's a tonne i could share (along with a few edits to the site too, ahem) ..soon. for now..

CHAPEL SOUND Volume 1 is out!

i have a tune 'moving' on there, along with pile of other local-made goodness.

exclaim and winnie plugged it a bit, but the underground reception is where the real buzz is at. it feels like a landmark for the vancouver underground somehow. there's an impressive amount of heat on there actually and it's 24 tunes strong.

out to all the chapel folks. thanks for having me on the comp. looking forward to the jam this saturday