thanks KAMP and BASS COAST

had a stellar time in the BC interior that last couple weeks.

KAMP was a really sweet time. i would totally recommend. really enjoyed soaking up the "kamp" vibes and making a few new friends. did a sound journey workshop which i thought went particularly well, and might make a point to do more of, and had fun with the mainstage set on saturday night. go team blue

BASS COAST is pretty much a local legend and now a garunteed sell-out each year. so solid. through and through. didn't catch a set i wasn't feeling. it was gift to deliver an umcompromising live set on the closing night. very thankful to be part of that fam. long live bass coast.


chapel sound compilation vol 1

gonna ease in and do just one drop for now, even though there's a tonne i could share (along with a few edits to the site too, ahem) ..soon. for now..

CHAPEL SOUND Volume 1 is out!

i have a tune 'moving' on there, along with pile of other local-made goodness.

exclaim and winnie plugged it a bit, but the underground reception is where the real buzz is at. it feels like a landmark for the vancouver underground somehow. there's an impressive amount of heat on there actually and it's 24 tunes strong.

out to all the chapel folks. thanks for having me on the comp. looking forward to the jam this saturday