thanks to vso new music festival

HUGE thanks to vancouver symphony orchestra for having me this past weekend at their new music festival at the orpheum theatre. was a pleasure on so many levels. loved checking out so much work by local and canadian composers, many of who were in attendence. and having my dj work so well recieved that the symphony's conductor called me "quiet tasteful actually" on stage and some of the composers and players giving me compliments .. well, let's just say that carries a different type of weight than someone flashing their lighter at a rave (which, or course, is great too!). ..might be a mix or two that results from the affair as well. cheers! and til next time!

appearing at VANCOUVER SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA's New Music Festival

Very pleased to announce that i will be DJ'ing in the lounge at the Orpheum Theatre to close out each night of next week's New Music Festival. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Kronos Quartet, Standing Wave, Rachel Iwaasa, and others will all be performing. New works from Jocelyn Morlock and more.

I did this last year and totally recommend. Take in the main concert, then have a drink after with me blending sounds/themes from the festival with modern electronic sounds.

Special deal for those that check the site: use the promo code "VSODJRED" to purchase half-priced tickets off the website.

event link here

Maybe see you there!