chambers 'satellites' on beacon sound

full length cassette of edited live recordings from two intimate performances in vancouver in 2015. one at the emerald and one at the rio theatre (hence the track titles). very pleased to making the link with beacon sound on this - it's an incredible label that hosts a lot of great music. grab the digital/physical at bandcamp or the label website direct.

this is the second official release for chambers, with a third release soon hot on it's heels later this month on debacle.

souns - ambient a [DSMS002]

a tad bit late on the announce (here on the site at least), yes, but this music isn't going anywhere.

proud to say there's a new souns full length out on the new deep sea mining syndicate label run by evangelos (typist, corinthian, 1/2 of sanctums) out of calgary. you can order the cassette or buy the digital at their bandcamp here.

this one is more actual songs, compared to the sound art / edited field recordings of coastal from a month or so back. very pleased with the mastering (alchemy) and cover art (original photo from moss harvest), and just stoked to be working with a guy like evangelos on something (check his latest here. some nice moody droney stuff).

eyes closed twice from the sunshine coast night